Our fundraisers and events offer unique experiences and the chance to meet interesting and influential people, while at the same time helping us to preserve and promote the monarchistic cause. All events by invitation only.

25 November, 2017

The End of the Polish Monarchy

"Stanisław August Poniatowski - Last King of Poland", A lecture by Dr. Przybylski.
14 January, 2018

Scandinavian dinner

A dinner to celebrate the triple monarchies of Denmark, Sweden & Norway Dress: Black tie with decorations.
8 June, 2018

Polo in the Park

In association with Chestertons, Polo with 3-course champagne lunch.
TBA, 2018

Georgian Monarchy Fundraiser

Fundraising dinner in support of the Georgian Monarchistic Cause.

Why support the monarchy?

  • Promotes a national identity and a national brand, but without the negative sides of nationality.
  • On average, monarchies have considerable lower levels of crime and corruption.
  • A politically neutral leader promotes unity and limits feelings of disenfranchisement.
  • Monarchies are far less likely than republics to suffer from political instability.
  • Research shows that social trust is higher in monarchies.
  • Research shows that modern monarchy promotes legal continuity, compromise, self-limitation, suspicion of radicalism, and regular, moderate adjustments and policy corrections.
  • Constitutional monarchies offer a long-term, stable soft-power that is missing in republics.
  • Studies indicate that monarchical states promote cohesion.
  • Oxford research indicate that constitutional monarchies are more likely to consult people with early elections.
  • 7 out of the top 10 least corrupt countries are monarchies.

Support our monarchies

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